Sunday 14, Aug 2022

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Seminar Lecturer: Jeffrey Dravis

The Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk trend in south Texas and Louisiana continues its
resurgence in interest. Areas like Karnes Trough in south Texas, and central Louisiana, remain the areas of interest right now, but many companies also are exploiting established field areas like Pearsall and Giddings, and expanding into East Texas. Geoscientists who explore in the Austin Chalk, or hope to exploit existing Chalk field trends, should possess a firm understanding of the Austin Chalk’s regional depositional and diagenetic framework. This includes appreciating the influence of regional and local paleogeography, preexisting topography, and underlying structural framework. Developing an appreciation of the various diagenetic pathways that affected Austin Chalk porosity and permeability evolution is critical as well, since fractures are only a part of the story.

Field Trip Leaders: Tom Ewing, John Cooper, David Ferrill
Tom Ewing will show and discuss depositional details of Austin Chalk Group outcrops in the San Antonio area pointing out their implications on hydrocarbons exploration. John Cooper will explore the stratigraphy of the Austin Chalk Group in Bexar County from lower to upper contact and integrate geophysical logs to make ties to the subsurface. David Ferrill will discuss faulting and fractures seen in fault zones exposed in the San Antonio area. David’s discussion will focus on understanding typical normal fault patterns and using these patterns as an aid in predicting the fracture zone width when planning oil and gas exploration.
NOTE: The field trip will be moderately strenuous, especially in the event of rain


April 8th, 2022 8:00 AM
8620 N. New Braunfels
San Antonio, TX 78217
United States
Event Fee(s)
Seminar and Field Trip $380.00
Seminar Only $320.00
Field Trip Only $100.00
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